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[Review & Giveaway] Pastel Spells by Orriculum Rose

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Pastel Spells by Orriculum Rose
141 Pages
Pushlish Date: October 22nd, 2017

Pastel Spells is a pocket spellbook filled with a variety of spells for witches of any level of experience, from none to a long-time practitioner. For the most part these spells are home grown, free range witchcraft, non-wiccan, but can be adapted for wiccan rituals, or other religious contexts. 

The spells selected for this collection center on self care, self love, healing, with an emphasis on platonic and romantic relationships.

*Note: I received a copy of this book from the author free of charge. It does not sway my opinion of the book. 

As always, the cover first. This cover is so cute! I really adore the simplicity of it, and the graphics are to die for. I wanted to make a quick note that if you're judging this little book by it's cover and thinking that these spells are going to be too fluffy for you, then guess again! The spells within are really awesome, and while they can be a little too light for some, I really, absolutely adore the vibes that I'm getting. 

Y'all, I'm really impressed with this little tome of spells. 

This book focuses on spells that will help with your relationships to people - both romantic and platonic, as well as your relationship to yourself.  I  appreciate the platonic spells in there, as it's important to me to care for my friends and these spells will help me do just that. 

Honestly, this book is so well rounded! I mean, take a look at this table of contents (spells themselves have been left out, only the headings are here to give you a glimpse of what is included.) 

Pages 12 - 21

Pages 23 - 30

Pages 32 - 38

Pages 40 - 51

Pages 54 - 60

Pages 62 - 64

Pages 66 - 71

Pages 73 - 105

Pages 107 - 124

Pages 126 - 128

Pages 130 - 139

I mean, come on! There is so much in such a small book so that there is something for everyone. The writing is easy to understand, most spells are about a page, have minimal ingredients and steps and can be done by just about everyone! 

I know I mentioned it before, but it's cute too! Who wouldn't' want to have a copy of this on their shelf?

Well, luckily enough for you - you might not have to lust for long as I have a GIVEAWAY for you!! 

The author has graciously supplied me with a few copies to giveaway - all you have to do is go to the rafflecopter below!! Good luck!  If you want to know more about the author, Rose Orriculum, then keep on scrolling because we also have an author interview!   
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Triquetra: How long does it take you to write a book?
Orriculum: Well it can vary quite a bit. Pastel Spells was the quickest it’s ever been, mostly because it was just a matter of gathering and formatting the work I’d done over the past few years. I’d already been writing a spell or two every week or so, and when I had too many to easily organize, it was suggested I fit them into a book. So you could say it either took a couple years or a few weeks. Writing tends to go relatively quickly or not at all.

T: What did you edit out of this book?

O: Well this one focuses on self-love, relationships with others, healing, and self-care, so I tried to keep the nastier curses out of it. Not all of them, just the ones that didn’t quite fit with the theme. This was pointed out to me a couple times, that some people were surprised to see curses in a book that for most of it, appears all “love and light”. But I think for some pains that cannot be forgiven, the people hurt should not be expected to bestow forgiveness (especially on an unapologetic subject), and that cursing the causer of such pain can be an alternative way of healing. It’s sucking the poison out and spitting it back at the viper. I’m getting off topic, but not all the curses I’ve written go along with that theme, so they had to go.

T: Are you working on any other books?

O: I am! A potions book, “Cauldron, Kettle, Boil and Bubble” is my working title. It’s the one that I’m most excited about but at the same time, it’s moving the slowest. It’s a lot of tea recipes with magical ideas, but I wanted to include some stuff about the history between witchcraft and herbalism. My friend Beth keeps suggesting more ideas, she wants to see me make a year-round journey of witchcraft that includes celebrating all the Sabbats. I kind of want to write something for moon and star-related magic.

T: What's the hardest part of writing a spell?

O: The ritual elements I think. It’s a simple matter of knowing what you need the spell to do and picking out some herbs or crystals to go in it, but bringing those pieces together, involving them in the spell in a manner beyond tossing it all in a jar and sealing it up feels like uncharted territory every time. Do I take ritual cues from religion, or design it with a secular user in mind, in which case then what is the meaning behind each motion, each step? Does anointing with oil or blessing with water have the same meaning for the secular user as one who learned these things in Sunday school? The person who casts this spell, do they examine each step for what it symbolizes or purpose it serves, or do they simply follow the procedure? How do I impart the instinctual motions that felt right to me at the time to someone else in writing? Should I include my personal ceremonials if they’re not going to translate to another practitioner? All worries and questions I have a hard time answering when I write a spell, and sometimes leave me stumped for an hour or two.

T: What does literary success look like to you?

O: It’s a bit silly, but I would love to see one of my books with a hardcover. I detest soft covers, but that’s all my current platform allows for. My literary dream used to just be being able to pick up a book and flip through the pages. Success is something that weird little dream kind of obscure, so I haven’t given much thought to it. The vaguest inclination I think right now it looks like making it out of the self-published world into the tangle of actual publishing deals, but I think that’s a while off. If I wanted to be a little more unrealistic I’d say writing novels for Avon Romance, but that would require me actually finishing writing one and diving head-first into that tangle.

         About the Author: 
Orriculum Rose is just another witch who provides resources for new witches and people looking into witchcraft. Dwelling under a rock in the tri-state area, she enjoys pink hair dye, false eyelashes, and being vague as she possibly can about her personal life.

*author photo and book photos credits of Orriculum Rose


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