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Review: Drawing Down the Sun by Stephanie Woodfield

by - 8:48 AM

Drawing Down the Sun: Rekindle the Magick of the Solar Goddesses
  by Stephanie Woodfield
Publishers: Llewellyn Publications
Published: May 1st, 2014
Pages: 312
Discover the hidden mysteries of the sun goddesses and reclaim the all-but-lost archetype of the solar feminine. While today the sun is often seen as a masculine divinity, for many cultures throughout history it was the ultimate symbol of feminine power and creation. Join author Stephanie Woodfield as she explores solar-goddess mythology from around the world and shows you how to work with this forgotten side of the Goddess in a modern spiritual system.

Drawing Down the Sun features fourteen different goddesses, and provides practical guidance for embracing their divine spirit through pathworking, rituals, and spellcraft. Learn how to bring abundance into your life with the Baltic goddess Saule. Call upon the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet for strength and courage. Draw upon the sun's healing energy with the Celtic Brighid. With invocations, spells, and incense recipes, as well as instructions for solar magick, meditations, and more, this comprehensive guide is perfect for connecting with the solar feminine.

Happy Litha/ Summer Solstice/Whatever you Call it to all my fellow Wiccans, Pagans, Witches and so on and so forth! Brightest Blessings to you and yours on this wonderful day! Go out and enjoy the sun!!

Thanks to Llewellyn Publishing for allowing me to read this copy in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit I'm hugely impressed. When I first saw this book I was struck. I had always, like so many others, linked Goddess with Lunar energies and God with Solar energies. This book allows you to tap into the solar energies and link them with the ultimate divine feminine energy that I refer to as Goddess.

I was a bit nervous, thinking that I was going to have to read about and learn a whole new set of correspondences, but interestingly enough a lot of the correspondence stands. Mirrors for instance are linked with solar goddesses and I've used them during lunar feminine rites and rituals. I find it amazing how I never thought to shift corresponding objects with the Goddess to Solar or Lunar. I believe this is just one way to show that the God and Goddess are in everything and nothing at once. They are light and dark, neither more right or wrong than the other.

This book is wonderful for those of you who would like to utilize the Sun and the Sun's energies with the loving touch of the Goddess. Be mindful that the Goddess can too be a warrior. Gendered sterotypes don't apply to the God and Goddess in my experience, but the need to link feminine with Lunar energies has made us forget that more fiery aspect of Her.

This book is chock full of correspondences, meditations, lore and myths, ritual ideas and great information overall. I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Goddess' solar energies and this book makes it easy to jump right in to start honoring Her!

5 triquetras for this wonderful book.
I recommend this for Pagans and non-Pagans alike. Even thought this has ritual ideas in it, it's not necessary to complete them. This isn't a spell book, but rather a take on solar Goddess energy that just happens to have some rituals and things placed throughout. Go grab a copy today!

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