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Excerpt: Elvis Presley CIA Assassin by Andy Rausch

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Title: Elvis Presley, CIA Assassin
Author: Andy Rausch
Genre: Comedy, Satire
Age Group: Adult
Publisher: Burning Bulb Publishing
Release Date: May 4, 2014
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In 1970, singer Elvis Presley secretly met with President Richard Nixon. This new comedic novel imagines that Presley became a Central Intelligence Agency operative, eventually moving up through the ranks to become a skilled assassin.

Presented in an oral history fashion, the book tells us about Presley's secret transformation by the people who knew him best.

Did he fake his death in 1977? Was Presley involved with the Watergate scandal? The Iran hostage crisis? Communicating with aliens?

Read this book to find out the answers to these and many more questions.

Andy Rausch has written more than a dozen books on the subject of popular culture under the name Andrew J. Rausch. In addition, he is the author of the novel The Suicide Game and the novella Riding Shotgun, both from Taylor Street Publishing. His third novel, Elvis Presley, CIA Assassin, was released in 2014 by Burning Bulb Publishing.

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Crime Fighter (1968)

BO WHITAKER: Elvis and I grew up together, and as far back as I can remember, Elvis

wanted to be some sort of super spy. When the James Bond books first came out in the

1950s, I remember them having a real big impact on Elvis; particularly Casino Royale.

He used to say, “That James Bond cat, that's who I wanna be, man.” Then when that first

movie [Dr. No] came out in the early sixties, Elvis really started saying these things.

And he didn't just want to play James Bond in a movie, he wanted to be James Bond,

man. But he did try for a while to get in those movies before setting his sights on actually

becoming a real-life government agent.

ALBERT R. “CUBBY” BROCCOLI: A mutual friend of ours—I believe it was the

director Norman Taurog, but it may have been Hal Wallis—introduced us when Elvis

was performing in England. He said, “You produce those James Bond movies?” I said

yes, and Elvis said, “The way I see it, the movies got it all wrong. That Sean Connery,

he's no good as James Bond. He's not good enough.” I asked him who he had in mind,

and he said, “Well, me, of course.” Then he asked me if I had seen any of his movies,

and I confessed that I had not. He said, “You should watch Fun in Acapulco or Harum

Scarum, because those are my best performances.” I told him I would watch those films,

Later, when Sean left the series and we were looking for a new Bond, I remembered

Elvis and considered him briefly. At least until I saw his films, and then we cast George

BO WHITAKER: When Sean Connery left those movies and they cast that damned

George Lazenby fella, it almost killed Elvis. It almost killed him, man. He was just

beside himself. I remember him screaming, “Fuck Cubby Broccoli!”

This is a letter Elvis sent to Albert Broccoli, dated August 13, 1968:

Dear Cubby ass-hole shit Head,

I can't Believe you cast this guy in You're new James Bond

movie. I don't Know what you are Thinking. I am one of

the Best actors working today and I told you I wanted To

Be the next James Bond. You screwed up. Nobody messes

With Elvis Presley man. I Could have made You're movies

real popular here in The United States where I am a Huge

celebrity. So what it's you're loss, Buddy.

Sincerely Yours,

Elvis Presley

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