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Saleana's Saturdays 1: Book Expo of America

by - 1:00 AM

Hi guys! This is my first "Saleana's Saturdays" post. Every Saturday I'm going to *try* to write up a post that's just me talking to you, getting friendly. I figured that some of you might want to know more about me, what I'm up to and what I'm reading, and why I started this review site.

Well, I started because I wanted to be able to share whatever I read with you. A lot of the review sites that I read or have worked with have restrictions on them. Many are family friendly - which is great - but sometimes I don't read family friendly literature. I know many people like to read things that don't fall into the family friendly category and that's cool; people should read whatever floats their boat. So, I decided that if I wanted to read and review an erotic novel, then I should be able to.
I also wanted to have the freedom to write posts like this. Since this is my site, I can write posts that are just me talking to you. It doesn't have to have a specific format, I don't have to get the approval of anyone or fill out a bunch of forms in order to write a post, and I love that.

Anyway, you may have seen that the logo at the top is for the Book Expo of America and that's the title of this post as well. As you may have guessed...I'm going to BEA! YAY! I'm really ridiculously excited about going, it's going to be my first time and I'm sure I'm going to have a blast.

Have you gone? What's it like? Any tips that you have for me? I heard that bringing a rolling suitcase is a lot easier than bringing a backpack. True or false? I'd love to have any input that you guys have for me. I'm already trying to pick out my most comfy pair of shoes for the day since I'm sure there will be lots of walking involved.

Besides for preparing for BEA I'm trying to put together another giveaway. I'm constantly trying to have something going on so you guys are rewarded for putting up with me. ;)

So, tell me in the comments: do you like these more personal posts or would you rather just see all reviews and book related things?

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