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Review: Borrowed Dreams

by - 8:13 AM

Borrowed Dreams
Borrowed Dreams by May McGoldrick

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book was decent. I wasn't too sure if I would like this after the first few chapters, only because it seems to be a little too "mushy" for my tastes. I like romance novels, sure, but I also like to read something with substance instead of fluff.

I feel like part of this book is fluff, mostly on Millicent's part - although given the time period I suppose that this was what the authors were trying to convey.

I've noticed that in the book Lyon aka Aytoun aka Lord Aytoun is a very nice round character. He goes from being a crabby, S.O.B. to making a turn around to being a very good husband.

I wish I saw the same in Millicent. She seemed to stay pretty flat, especially in regards to her confidence. Throughout the novel she sees herself as less and that she's not worthy of the great Lord of Scandel.

However, towards the very end I see that she has changed, but only because of outside circumstances. I feel like Jo and that situation changed her drasitcally, and if not for Jo then she would've continued to be a weaker character.

Jasper Hyde was highly annoying throughout the entire book and I find it a bit annoying that we've only gotten a bit of his story on the very last pages of the novel before the Epilogue. You'd think that we'd get some of that thoughout the novel so that we can more fully understand him instead of being bored with his storyline.

Ohenewaa was decent and I loved the way her and the Dowager interacted. Reminded me of my grandmother and grandfather. Great dynamic.

Overall a decent book, the love scenes weren't too steamy if that's something that you're not into. From other books I've read (think Christine Feehan) the sex was all but nonexistent here.

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