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Review: Lover Revealed

by - 8:04 PM

Lover Revealed
Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Butch and Marissa have come a long way in this book. They've been through hardships like none of the other couples have, I think.

You can compare them to Rhage and Mary but at the end of their book Mary's humanity "problem" is solved with help from the Scribe Virgin. With Butch and Marissa there isn't really something like that. Butch has to make hard decisions and Marissa has to learn how to deal with those decisions that he makes.

I was surprised that there wasn't as much focus on Mr. X and the lessers, but I was happy about it. Honestly, the whole lesser thing puts me in a foul mood, and since I'm a romantic at heart, I like to read about the love relationships.

Overall a great read, this fourth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood kept me on the edge of my seat and is making salivate over the thought of book 5, which I must wait for since my mother is busy reading it.

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