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My Review of Twilight

by - 12:53 AM

Originally submitted at LUSH USA

That moment when the sun starts setting into the night sky, painting it with vibrant hues of orange and purple before being peppered with sparkling stars, is a wonder that we pause to admire with those we love. Recreate twilight in your bath water with clouds of lavender, ylang ylang and ovaltine t...


By Ristoria from Bristol, CT on 5/3/2013


5out of 5

When you survey your stash, you label this product: Must-Have

Pros: Relaxing, Smells Great, Magical, Softens Skin

Best Uses: Bath

Describe Yourself: Normal Skin

This product was amazing! I was in Lush a few days ago, and the guys there had mentioned that this one had glitter (which I adore in a bath bomb - makes it extra special.) I had mentioned that I liked Dragon Egg and they suggested this. I went home and tried it right away. It fizzles nicely and I loved how it turned my water lavender, since that's my favorite color. There is a smoky froth that floats throughout the bath with smatterings of glitter. It was so magical, and I felt that I could stare into the water forever.

Wonderful to sit back in, relax, unwind and let your mind let go of the hard day you've had.


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