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Review: Nyctophobia by RJ Nunes

by - 6:53 PM

Nyctophobia  by RJ Nunes
Publishers: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi
Published: October 18th, 2016
Pages: 5

A vignette in which a man named Abdou finds himself reckoning with the silence of space.

Today we have a small story review for you. I read Nyctophobia after seeing an advertisement for it on Facebook from a friend. It was (still is) $0.99 so I decided to go for it. A buck for a short story, not bad. So, I read it and I was blown away! 

The cover is simple and to the point. Astronaut, outer space. Cut and dry. The story, just like the cover is very cut and dry. Because it's so short you get right to the point very quickly, and the RJ Nunes places you in the midst of the action within a few words. At the same time you get quite a bit of backstory, and like I said in my goodreads review I ADORE the diversity of the cast of characters. This is the literature that we need today, to reflect the people that are doing the reading of these stories. 

I won't lie, this did set off my anxiety a bit, but that's because I have issues with death. So, if you do too, then you might want to skip this short story. It's a poignant view at how the human mind works in these circumstances, and also at how different people take catastrophe. 

5 Triquetras for a very well put together short story with a diverse cast! 

Goodreads Review: "This was such a powerful piece of literature in 5 pages. Within that span we got a clear look at Abdou, at a small piece of how the many ways a human mind could work in a hopeless situation.
I also adore at all the diversity in characters, from names or orientations, that were presented in a gentle, simple fact sort of way. This is how diverse characters and diverse books should be presented. Well done to RJ Nunes. Well done indeed."

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About the AuthorRJ Nunes is a 24-year-old queer writer who primarily writes science fiction, but delights in bringing a unique viewpoint to the genre-du-jour. Your average young artist, RJ whiles away the days working at a cafe while mulling over the potential uses of an English degree, then goes home at night to write a minimum of a thousand words a day.

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