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Third Sentence Thursday #1

by - 12:00 AM

Third Sentence Thursday #1

Hello lovely people! Welcome to the second new meme that is going to be going on weekly here at Triquetra Reviews! This meme is hosted by That's What She Read and the rules are simple! 

You take whatever book you're reading and share the third sentence on a random page that you flip to. This way readers get to get a little snippet of the book without too much information being given away, which is just the way I like my snippets! Short, sweet, and to the point. 

This week I'm reading The Wild Hunt by Ron C. Nieto. Later this week I'm going to be writing a review of it - so keep your eyes peeled! 

Here's the third sentence at 9% of my kindle edition:

"So that's supposed to cure pixie pox?" Lily asked, rubbing her eyes and giving a half-interested look to the small bottle Mackenna had just sealed."

Well, how does that sound? I'm intrigued - I just started this one so I'm not even to this part yet! What do you guys think? 

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