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Announcement: Being Put on Hold

by - 1:35 PM

Hi everyone!

If you follow on Facebook you'll see that I made a tiny announcement saying that I've been having technical difficulties.

As you can see under this post (if it goes live) that the last post is from the 8th. I had posts from the 9th to today, the 14th, written, queued and ready to go. None of them went live and they are no longer saved anywhere in my draft or published folders.

Therefore, I'll be taking a small break to try to figure out what's going on. A few other bloggers using Blogspot have had their posts deleted and labelled as "spam." I want to make sure that's not happening with my posts.

If Blogspot is going to keep it up, I'll either have to move the blog, or stop blogging altogether. I'm not sure how many people realize how much time and energy goes into creating a blog for the readers.

On average, each post takes a few hours. I go to websites that have allowed me to be a tour host, sign up for the posts, schedule them in, receive emails with the images and info I need, upload the images for easy uploading to the blog and then format each post and schedule the actual post on the blog. Seems easy, but when you have 30+ posts in the draft folder and 15+ emails every day it gets a little hectic.

I'm not saying all this to complain. I like doing this, and I like sharing this content with you guys. I just want to make sure that my hard work is actually going to be SEEN.

I'm going to work on emailing all the tour sites that I've seemingly "blown off" in the past few days, if I've missed someone, hopefully you're seeing this post.

Also, if you like the content I share please share the posts that go live on here. As seen above, this is a lot of hard work and I'm currently doing all this solo. I do like sharing the books I've read and covers and excerpts, but I don't have a lot of interaction with the readers. I hope that I can get a few more comments here and there, and hopefully someone is reading these posts. I never really know unless I get a comment.

So, if you've been here and love the content: Thank-you. If you're new: welcome! I hope that I'll have things up and running soon.

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