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Saleana's Saturdays #2: Launching the TBR Project

by - 11:30 AM

Hey everyone,

If you've been paying attention to my other tabs at all you may have noticed that I'm not accepting anymore books at the moment to review. This is because of a lack of time to read the books that I've been offered compared to the books I've purchased and downloaded onto my Kindle app.

With that being said I have a TON of books that I want to get to, but haven't read because I was bombarded with review requests and sometimes I just don't know how to say "no."

I want this review site to be fun for me and for you readers and I really wanted this site to be about the books I'd honestly read and review, not things that I've been scouted out to review even though that's really fun for me and it's so awesome to have people want to read and review their hard work.

I'm honored at all the requests I've gotten.

In any case I've decided to give myself a little goal/project which I "creatively" named "The TBR Project." I'm going to go through all the books, or at least a good chunk of them before I accept any more books to review because other than that I'm going to go insane. I don't want to be insane.

So - onward with the TBR Project. I think it'd be super awesome if you guys joined me. Let's get through those books that we've been putting off and let's clear up some space on the iPads and kindles and nooks and things.

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