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Review: A Silent Prayer by Samreen Ahsan

by - 12:00 AM

A Silent Prayer (A Prayer Series) by Samreen Ahsan
Publishers: iUniverse.com
Published: February 10th, 2014
Pages: 330

Adam Gibson is a young and powerful Toronto millionaire. Despite his many blessings, he is an atheist, though he has an altruistic soul. He denies there is a God--until he meets a beautiful stranger in a place that does not exist for anyone but him.

Rania Ahmed strongly believes in God, but has lost hope she will ever find her soul mate. Endowed with hypnotic beauty and cursed by a brutal past, Rania has no idea she has cast a spell on Adam, who has never received more from a woman than physical pleasure. As Adam slowly discovers the true meaning of love from Rania, he begins to face his demons and reconsider his beliefs. He learns to love, forgive and repent. But as Adam grows closer to Rania, a series of strange, unexplained events threatens to drive them apart. To keep her from being destroyed by her past, he must persuade her to trust him with her deepest secrets.

In this spiritual romance, an atheist embarks on a path of enlightenment with a tormented soul who may just have the power to change everything he has ever believed to be true.

This week I read "A Silent Prayer" by Samreen Ahsan. 

The main characters of this book are Rania Ahmed and Adam Gibson. Adam Gibson is a well renowned business tycoon, and of course veryyyy wealthy and successful and all that great stuff. 
Rania is the senior creative designer at Greenway Advertising, a firm that does business with Adam Gibson. 
The novel is centered around the attraction between Adam and Rania, starting with a chance encounter in front of the building where Rania regularly takes dance lessons; Adam falls in love with her at first sight and spends the next few months looking for her. The two have another chance encounter when Raina has a meeting with her entire firm in a building owned by Adam. And from there pursuit begins. Adam goes into stalker mode and gets his bodyguard to find out everything about her, what she likes to do, where she goes, everything. The two begin to develop a relationship though somewhat reluctantly on Rania's part because  Adam is known to be a womanizer- seeking only pleasure from the women in his life and nothing more. Rania refuses to be one of his conquests and subtly tries to refuse Adam, but to no avail he finds a way into her life and discovers things about her, her sleeping problems, her nightmares, the bruises and burn marks on her back which Rania refuses to tell him about. 

The book was very fast paced, it took place within the space of a little less than two weeks. I personally liked the story line but I felt it was rushed at times, it was one thing after the other. If you are a reader that gets bored easily you may like this book, there were very few moments when there was not something going on. Also I feel that the author could have gone a little bit deeper with character's pasts, but seeing as the book is the first in the series I expect the author may go deeper into their pasts in the next book/books. Overall a good book, ended on QUITE  a cliffhanger, I was really mad, like come on that;s just evil :(. On the other hand I can't wait for the next book!

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