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Review: A Breath of Frost by Alyxandra Harvey

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A Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Legacy #1) by Alyxandra Harvey
Publishers: Walkers Childrens
Published: January 7th, 2014
Pages: 496
In 1814, three cousins—Gretchen, Emma, and Penelope—discover their family lineage of witchcraft when a binding spell is broken, allowing their individual magical powers to manifest. Now, beyond the manicured gardens and ballrooms of Regency London, an alluring underworld available only to those with power is revealed to the cousins. By claiming their power, the three cousins have accidentally opened the gates to the underworld.

Now ghouls, hellhounds—and most terrifying of all, the spirits of dark witches known as the Greymalkin Sisters—are hunting and killing young debutante witches for their powers. And, somehow, Emma is connected to the murders…because she keeps finding the bodies.

Can the cousins seal the gates before another witch is killed…or even worse, before their new gifts are stripped away?

Cover time! It's so pretty!!! Omigawsh it's so perfect. It's mysterious but it exudes some clues about the story and that's the color that I think Emma's hair is and it's just perfect. The colors, everything. I love the font especially.

This book was one of those that I finished in like a day - it was seriously, crazy good. I had no problems getting right into the story. I wish that books 2 and 3 were about Emma and Cormac. I ship them so hard. I really want Cormac for myself, but, well.

I have to say that I like all the magical things that happened and all the powders that they used. I really like when books have original magical systems, it reminded me of Harry Potter in a way. The Goblin Market was like Diagon Alley in my head for some reason.

Either way I loved the book and while I still think that there are way too many loose ends for Emma's story to be over (Book 2 is in Gretchen's POV, so I'm guessing 3 is going to be in Penelope's,) I'm looking forward to it. October can't get here fast enough.

Theodora is way off her rocker, and the ending with her still confuses me quite a bit, but still.
So much happened in these 496 pages and I still wish there were 500 more. Miss Harvey's writing is clear, descriptive and it lures you right into the story. I'm so wrapped up in the plot line that it all blends together, almost like it happened to me. I think this is called a book hangover. Yes, that's where I am right now.

All I can say is that this gets 5 triquetras and I'd give it 10 if I could. You need to pick this up.

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