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The Red Wife by Tyffani Clark Kemp Excerpt and Spotlight!

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Hi everyone! Today I'm going to be sharing an excerpt with you from Tyffani Clark Kemp's new book "The Red Wife!

I hope you guys enjoy! ***Note: these excerpts are racey! If you don't like that thing, then you may want to pass***

The Red Wife by Tyffani Clark Kemp
SideStreet Cookie Publishing LLC
February 6th, 2014

Mariss Red is wholly devoted to her husband, Holden. Despite her fling with Sebastian Boaa few months ago, her husband has her heart. But Holden knows about Mariss' little indiscretion. Now, the three of them have a whole new set of rules.

Their sex life isn't the only thing making waves. Things are further complicated by the return of people Mariss hoped were gone from her life for good. When dark secrets from Mariss' past surface, it puts everyone in her life in danger. The loss of the one thing that means more to her than life itself turns Mariss' life upside down in a way she never thought possible.

As The Red Wife struggles to put her life back together with pieces from a different puzzle, she must decide which picture she wants to paint.

 Excerpt One:

Sebastian's hands settled beneath her ass, and Mariss hopped, wrapping her legs around his waist. He carried her over to the dresser and set her on the edge. His large hands slid under her shirt, caressing her skin. They were so warm, heating her through to the core.
"I don't think this is what Holden had in mind when he told me to take care of you, May," Sebastian said against the curve of her neck. In the last weeks, he'd taken to alternating between calling her May and Red. Either nickname made her loins ache.
Mariss shivered and tipped her head to the side so he had better access to the place that made her melt. "He knew what would happen," she gasped when his goatee brushed a sensitive spot.

Excerpt Two: 

"Bassy," she moaned.
He lifted her from the piano and carried her to the sofa. Settling her on the back, he unfastened his jeans and set himself free. Mariss took it in her hands, caressing it for a moment, before she put her foot on the back of the sofa and positioned him at her opening. Sebastian thrust hard into.
Mariss screeched as she fell backward. Her back hit the sofa and her legs flipped over her head, propelling her to the floor. She landed on her face, half naked, on the dark blue shag rug.

Though she didn't make a sound, Mariss' body shook with laughter. She laughed so hard she had trouble catching her breath. When she looked up, Sebastian was leaning on the back of the sofa, his chin resting in his hand. A smile made his lips twitch. She could tell he was trying hard not to laugh at her. Mariss flipped over onto her back and stared up into his eyes.

About the Author:  Tyffani Clark Kemp has been writing since she discovered in the sixth grade that it wasn’t enough just to read about fantastic places, but she could create her own. She weaves small bits of herself into everything she writes whether it be a science fiction piece about aliens or a dramatic romance fraught with conflict and love. She lives in South Carolina with her family and her fluffy shii tzu-mix dog who thinks he’s a Saint Bernard.

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