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Review: A Tale of Two Centuries

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A Tale of Two Centuries
A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hi everyone! I've missed you all! It's with great pleasure that today I'm going to be telling you all about A Tale of Two Centuries by one of my favorite authors Rachel Harris!
First I'd like to say thanks to Rachel for setting up the Flirt Squad - a fan club of sorts, that lets us fans interact with her on Facebook. It was through being in this club that I was able to get an ARC of the book so that a.) I was able to get a sneak peek at a book that I was dying to read and b.) I'm able to share my thoughts on this book with you guys!
Also, I'd like to thank Heather from Entangled Teen for hooking me up with a copy of the book! Thanks guys - you're the best!

One more quick thing before I get into the review - today is this amazing books release date! If you liked my review and think that it's something that you'd be interested in please head out and grab it today! Go say hey to Rachel too and wish her a happy book birthday!

Even though I haven't been here for a few months I still haven't changed my reviewing ways - I'm going to start with the cover.
I drooled on my ipad when looking at the cover. There's Alessandra on the left, better known as "Less," and over there on the right. *drool* That's Austin. Ahhhhhhhh Austin. More about him a little later. ;)

The cover is wonderful because it really seems to grasp the story. Less is from the past - in case you haven't gotten that bit - and so she's not used to the revealing clothing that us 21st century girls like to don. I mean, for us, flashing a little ankle would be no biggie right? If I had to keep covered up in the summer I would, well, I won't get into what I'd do; it wouldn't be pretty I can tell you that. But, for Less showing ankles and elbows would be the talk of society, and deeply frowned upon. The cover shows the girl in clothes that I could honestly picture Less in. It's modest, but cute, just like her.

Austin now...I'll try to be coherent for this. *Deep breath, wipes the drool off the keyboard* In case you haven't noticed, I've got it bad for Austin, so I think this is perfect for him. Austin on the cover is leaning towards Less, and if you look closely you can see a *bit* of a smirk going on. That's honestly what kills me. When you read this book and get to know Austin you'll see that he has this cocky facade that he hides behind, and even though he's got emotional turmoil burbling under his surface...well, his surface is HOT. The casual clothing that the model is wearing is also very Austin-like and if the shot panned downward I'm sure we'd see Austin's famous clunky boots.

The book starts off with Less pining for adventure. Her life in Renaissance Italy isn't what she needs in life. She wants freedom, equality, someone who actually loves her instead of just playing political games with her head and heart. She pleas to the skies after her heart is broken and...miraculously, her pleas are heard. Enter Reyna. If you liked Reyna in My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, then you'll love her in A Tale of Two Centuries. She helps Less out like she helped Cat and and next thing you know Less is in 21st century Hollywood knocking on Cat's door.

After the initial shock of it all Cat takes Less to high school, and there, in her first class she meets Austin Michaels. The Austin Michaels. Bad boy Austin, the one that most of the girls swoon over and I'm sure some of the guys want to be him because of said swooning. I know I wanted to swoon and he was just in my ipad!

During class they have a little...erm...tiff, and they're paired up to work on a project together. Austin says "peace" and Less is stuck with the project. So Less pretty much hunts him down and they start to work together and Austin makes Less a little...wager. He tries to get her to loosen up from her 16th century, up-tight personality and tries to get her to be a little more carefree.

“I’ve been careful my whole life,” I tell him, surprising myself with the resentment ringing in my tone. But it’s the truth. “And you know, I think it’s about time for me to be a little…” I bite the corner of my bottom lip, searching for exactly the right word to describe the emotions and thoughts that have surfaced the last few days. When I find it, I smile and wiggle my eyebrows suggestively “Austin sucks in a breath. He searches my eyes and I boldly stare back, praying that he cannot see my knees shaking. Then, obviously concluding that I meant every word, he flashes his devilish grin. “I can work with that.”

Mmmmmmm, don't y'all just love Austin already?

Throughout the novel we see Less grow as a person and she sheds her shell a bit. It's very exhilarating to read about and I'm sure that you'll love this book too! We get a bit of mystery, a bit of romance (well more than a bit ;D ) and a bit of magic Go out and get it! On shelves today!

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