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Coven VS. Solitary Practice

by - 9:19 PM

So, I'm a few days late in this Thursday Pagan Blog Prompts thing, but real life has been throwing a few lemons at me. However, I checked in on PBP's site and I see that the topic is about Coven study vs. solitary study in your pagan/wiccan practice.

Here's the actual prompt text.
"Please forgive me if this prompt has been done, but coven vs. solitary practice is something I have always been interested in. I practice in a coven myself, but spent a many good years doing my own thing as a solitary, so I have felt first have the benefits and drawbacks of both situations.
How do you all feel? Do you practice in a group or solitary? Which do you prefer? If you chose one over the other, why do you feel that way? If you are a coven member, would you ever go back to being solitary? If you practice alone, would you ever join a group? Just something to think over. :)
I look forward to reading your thoughts!!"

Right now I like to think of me as both a Coven member and a solitary witch. I do have a coven and, actually the prompter that wrote this post is a Coven sister of mine. Love you, Ivy! 
But, I also do a lot of practice on my own. I've been on this path for 4 years going on 5 I've read a lot of blogs, articles, websites and the like about Wiccan practice (since that's how I identify - as a Wiccan.) Many people seem to think that once you start practicing in a Coven, if you ever do, then you have to do all of your practice with your Coven. Not so. I think that practicing with your Coven for a majority of the time, say for the Sabbats and for some Esbats are ideal, but you can't do ALL of your practicing with the Coven. 
Unless you all live together in a huge house, which would be cool, you can't share all your magickal moments together. Like drinking your morning cup of tea while feeling the cool breeze on your front porch. Or practicing your visualization skills while you take a morning shower (tropical waterfall in the amazon where there are no bills to pay anyone?) Or how about that extra moment you take to look up at the sky and wave to the moon when you take out the trash at night? 

These moments are just as magical as the ones you have in Coven circle time, if not more so - because they are intimate, they are yours and they are your moments with the Divine. In a way I prefer my solitary moments over Coven time. Yes I love my Coven to bits and I'd do anything for my girls. I can't imagine not having them in my life and the moments we have are so special. However, I also cherish those moments that I have alone, where I know that I'm right in my ways, where I'm not nervous as hell that I'm going to cast incorrectly or what have you. 

I guess I'm in the air. 50:50. I guess it's a good thing I'm a Coven member and a solitary witch. :)


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