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Review: Sapphire Blue

by - 9:52 PM

Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awesome sequel to Ruby Red! Sapphire Blue picks up right where Ruby Red left off.

I have the hard cover edition, which is a little different set up from the Ruby Red paperback. I'm not sure if I prefer the hardcover with all the fancy swirls or the paperback with the more modern looking cover.

The story progresses nicely, at a quick clip. We have a lot of questions answered, but I'll be honest, with all the talk of time travel I got a little confused as to who was who and things like that. I find that it's really helpful to go over Ruby Red quickly, just to make sure that you remember everything. I'm a little sad that Emerald Green won't be about until the fall of 2013 since I want it now, but the preview at the back really helped out.

Gideon was a little annoying, with the way he lectured and was so back and forth between Charlotte and Gwen. I sided with Gwen because it was a little ridiculous of him to act the way he did sometimes.

I was super happy to figure out some of the rhyme in regards to the raven bit. The epilogue was also super helpful to the mysterious story line.

Well written! Great book, can't wait for the third and final, although I don't really see how everything is going to be solved and wrapped up nicely for the book to end prettily.

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